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Senior Living Providers Ease Multi-Site Worker Restrictions As Labor Challenges Grow

When the pandemic hit last year and communities across the country closed their doors to the outside world, one common practice went by the wayside: multi-site staffing.

In the pre-Covid days, it was common for senior living . .

Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing continue to Face workforce challenges

Among 616 nursing homes and 122 assisted living communities recently surveyed on workforce challenges by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living, half responded that they are actively trying to fill vacant positions for certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses . . . .

Much more than pay’: Assisted living employees, providers differ on workforce shortage solutions, study finds

Although senior living workers and providers in Texas agree that pay is a top workforce issue, the two sides are far apart on what tradeoffs, collaborations and compromises can be made to solve turnover challenges, according to the findings of a new report . . . .

Do You Kare? How One Community Improved Their Staffing Costs and Hiring Processes in 30 Days

As the administrator at the Hamptons for the past three years, she was on the brink of a burnout. Not unlike her senior care peers, she was fighting the constant whack-a-mole problem of high staff turnover, rising overtime and agency expense, the ever looming . . . .

Covid Survey From The Front Lines

You may be as tired of reading about COVID-19 as we are of writng about it. But consider this; when was the last time you read a COVID study from the frontline caregiver’s point of view? Sure, there are a lot of studies of managers and organizations and what THEY think is going on with their workforce, however we know how assumptions about other groups may not always . . . .

Texas Assisted Living Workforce Retention: A Tale of Two Perspectives

The assisted living industry has a workforce retention problem. This much is clear and largely agreed upon by
most operators. The underlying reasons for the problem, however, have been less clear as our study reveals. Our
workforce retention study included three central premises: Motivation, Alignment, and Push vs. Pull.

KARE Announces Creation of New Partnerships and Growth Teams

KARE, the leading digital labor marketplace for Post-Acute and Senior Care, announced the creation of new Growth and Partnership teams to enhance and broaden the growing company.

With over 15 years of business development and leadership experience . .

Senior housing has a people problem

The average time to hire any sort of frontline healthcare worker – nationally – is 49 days. And that’s by far the largest time to hire in any sort of macro industry in the United States.” Charles Turner – CEO, Kare (App)

Today we’re going to talk about Senior Housing – where do we live when we can’t really live by ourselves any more?

Startup That Kares: Houston-based senior care startup accelerates gameplan amid pandemic

Houston-based acute care startup Kare Technologies has yet to waste a good crisis.

The company, which offers senior facilities and qualified caregivers a platform to post and accept work for hire, was born out of founder Charles Turner’s experience in Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Bob Kramer Starts New Chapter With NIC, Invests in Senior Care Startup

Since stepping down as NIC’s CEO in 2017, Bob Kramer has shifted his role with the organization from its leader to its resident “agent provocateur.” Now, he’ll spend less time doing that, too — but that doesn’t mean he’s leaving the senior living industry or NIC, either.

Kramer just wrapped up a two-and-a-half-year period in which he acted as a full-time strategic advisor for the National Investment Center for Seniors . . . .

Hearthstone Nursing and Rehab nabs Tech Awards Gold with smart staffing solution

After taking over a bankrupt senior care center, Caraday Healthcare was able to reduce its reliance on agency staff at Hearthstone Nursing and Rehabilitation with the Kare app.

The Round Rock, TX, facility is the Gold winner in the Keep It Super Simple category in the Skilled Care track of the 2020 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards.