Covid Survey From The Front Lines

July 21st, 2021 Posted by White Paper 0 thoughts on “Covid Survey From The Front Lines”

You may be as tired of reading about COVID-19 as we are of writng about it. But consider this; when was the last time you read a COVID study from the frontline caregiver’s point of view? Sure, there are a lot of studies of managers and organizations and what THEY think is going on with their workforce, however we know how assumptions about other groups may not always tell the whole story.

Luckily, since KARE’s mission is to empower frontline caregivers, nurses and hospitality workers to gain financial independence by picking up extra shifts at senior and post-acute care communities, we have thousands of HEROES that pick up shifts every day with us. So, we thought, let’s ask them! Starting in March, when COVID concerns & lock down orders were in their infancy, we started asking them to share how they are feeling. A few months later, we asked again. And last month, we asked again!


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