Texas Assisted Living Workforce Retention: A Tale of Two Perspectives

July 21st, 2021 Posted by White Paper 0 thoughts on “Texas Assisted Living Workforce Retention: A Tale of Two Perspectives”

The assisted living industry has a workforce retention problem. This much is clear and largely agreed upon by most operators. The underlying reasons for the problem, however, have been less clear as our study reveals. Our workforce retention study included three central premises: Motivation, Alignment, and Push vs. Pull.

Fundamentally, our industry understands that solving this problem means the improvement of care delivery for seniors. Stated differently, until we crack the code in the workforce retention problem, senior living operators are only partially fulfilling their missions.

This study reveals that while employees and employers agree that pay is a top factor for the workforce in assisted living, the two groups are not congruent on what tradeoffs, compromises, and collabora􀆟ons can be made in solving workforce turnover.


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