Why Join the Kare Revolution?

For too long, America’s professional caregivers have been overworked and underpaid.
For too long, America’s caring communities have struggled with an increasing employee turnover crisis, with no plan on how to fix it.
For too long, the stress of caring for others is magnified by a lack of independence over access to quality and convenient work.
For too long, caring communities have had to sacrifice quality of care due to increasing overtime costs, and inefficient and expensive staffing agencies.
Today, this ends.
Today, the Revolution Begins.
If you are a professional caregiver who longs for greater financial independence, Join the Revolution
If you’re a caring community who wants to put their seniors first by providing the highest quality nurses and caregivers, Join the Revolution
If you love to care for seniors on your own terms, Join the Revolution
If you long to care for seniors without the worry of rising overtime or agency costs, Join the Revolution
To join the revolution, you must answer only one question:
Do You Kare?

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