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What is Kare?

KARE is the first labor marketplace dedicated solely to the Senior Housing and Post Acute industry. KARE uses patented technology to create a platform that matches qualified hourly labor (caregivers, nurses and hospitality staff) with Senior Care Communities and Nursing Homes, delivering a revolutionary and modernized approach to solving one of our industries biggest challenges.

The Problem

There are over 5.3 Million Personal Care Aides, CNAs, CMAs and LVN/LPNs in the US
The need is only expected to grow by 41% over the next decade
This wage class is under increasing income insecurity
There are 5,282 Healthcare Staffing Companies in the US. They are fragmented and expensive
360,000 unfilled care/LPN jobs on
This equates to 720 MM Overtime hours or $9.5 Billion in lost profits
The national average time to hire frontline care staff is 49 days
With 50%+ Staff turnover every year, finding qualified staff is the #1 or #2 concern for operators

The Solution

Eliminate the need for costly staffing agencies
Reduce hiring time from 49 days to just a few days!
Virtually eliminate overtime, saving facilities $3,000 - $5,000/month!
Increase workers access to additional income
Give workers more autonomy over their own schedule